Welcome to Women in GIS – Wisconsin


This blog has come about because we want more ways to share and collaborate. There are currently a group of us that interact in many ways on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Groups. We realized, however, that not everyone does social media. ::gasp:: So we thought we would create a way for people who don’t do social media to stay involved. And walla! A blog is born.

So, what is Women in GIS – Wisconsin? Well, if you aren’t familiar with GIS, it stands for Geographic Information Systems. So it’s maps… Using computers… And smartphones… And tablets… And… Well, you get the drift. We aren’t talking just street maps here. We do analysis, make decisions, inform and help people understand the interconnectdness among things in the physical environment. Why “Women in GIS”? We want to provide space for women to lift up and collaborate with each other. We want a space to celebrate our successes. We also want a space for anybody to speak up for women and marginalized communities. This group is not just for women. If you want to support us, you are welcome.

What will you find here? I’m not entirely sure, yet. For now, the posts are coming from me, Jennifer Borlick. (Hi!) I hope to have some regular (Kelly, I’m looking at you) and guest posts as we move along. I have an interview with Jaime Martindale from the UW-Madison Robinson Map Library just aching to get published. And other announcements about goings on that I find interesting.

Before I sign off here, I’d like to thank the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) for giving us the literal space to hold our Special Interest Group meetings. Be watching for updates on the Fall Regional Meeting that will be held at the Radisson in La Crosse, Wisconsin on November 9-10. (Yes, WiGIS-WI will be there.)

If you have a blog idea, please let me know. If you want to contribute, please let me know that as well. Happy Mapping!

(Please note: Opinions here are my own.)


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